National Vehicle Location Service (NVLS)

The National Vehicle Location Service (NVLS) is a national data sharing initiative started by Vigilant in 2008.  The data in NVLS is made up from two primary sources: 1) data shared to NVLS from law enforcement and 2) commercial LPR, or "private" data harvested by Vigilant.

Data shared to NVLS by law enforcement is available free of charge via a LEARN account from Vigilant; sharing to NVLS by Vigilant LPR customers is up to the agency and can be changed at any time.  The data remains the property of the agency and is governed by the data retention policy set by that agency.  The data is accessible only to law enforcement users, and is not shared or used by Vigilant Solutions in any way.

The largest pool of data is that harvested by Vigilant from commercial sources, most notably, Vigilant's subsidiary, DRN (Digital Recognition Network).  This pool of LPR data totals over 2 billion detections and grows at a rate of over 70 million per month.  This data is available via an annual subscription and greatly enhances an agency's investigative reach.


Data Sharing and Interoperability.  Users of LEARN can choose to share their LPR data to NVLS, or select individual agencies for sharing.  With minimal integration, competitive LPR systems can also share with NVLS for the benefit of the larger law enforcement community and to have access to their own data within the LEARN environment for improved analytics.  Even agencies that do not have LPR systems can leverage the shared pool of LPR data to conduct searches for vehicles of interest.


Data Security is paramount with NVLS.  Hosted in the same secure facility as LEARN, and governed by the same redundancy, power management, backup, and physical security, NVLS also features a strict credentialing policy due to its accessibility via the web.  Registered users must have a valid Originating Agency Identifier (ORI), a government email address, and pass through several layers of validation to gain access.  Periodic audits and re-validation insure that only credentialed law enforcement have access to this data.


Investigative Leads are provided by NVLS via LEARN at a level that would otherwise be impossible for an agency to achieve under their own resources and finances.  Additionally, the nature of the LPR collected from private sources tends to be stationary vehicles and/or vehicles entering into parking and/or other access controlled locations…providing law enforcement with detailed precise and targeted historical location information for vehicles of interest.



“Our agency does not have any license plate recognition of its own, but I have many users accessing Vigilant\'s private LPR data…and it is the next best thing. While we hope to invest in LPR in the near future, access to the Vigilant LPR data is helping us locate vehicles of interest.”
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