LPR Mobility Kit

Vigilant Solutions Mobility Kits provide agencies with a way to rapidly deploy high-performance license plate recognition (LPR) for special events, tactical operations such as roadside checkpoints, and for use on unmarked vehicles.

The Mobility Kit’s portability is also ideal for agencies that do not have dedicated LPR patrol vehicles and need to share an LPR system across multiple vehicles.  Operational within minutes, and managed from within LEARN, the Mobility Kit complements any agency’s LPR program.

The System includes up to four (4) IP67-rated, low-profile dual-lens (infrared and color) LPR cameras with integrated processing units. Each camera and processing unit affixes to the vehicle with magnet mounts and connect to a small Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) unit that can be placed in the trunk or cabin of the vehicle. The PoE unit connects to the vehicle’s existing Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) or laptop.  The Mobility Kit can be easily set-up and operational within minutes.

Exclusive Features include the Mobile Hit Hunter, an industry-exclusive that compares data collected in the commercial sector against agency hotlists to send alerts to officers in the field within a 3-mile radius of the vehicle of interest.  Designed with input from our customers, other features include a night mode, minimize button, and easy-to-access on-screen keyboard.


Unmatched Ease of Use is realized with the Mobility Kit.  With very little training, officers can immediately realize the benefits of LPR.  Leveraging the same intuitive software interface as the Vigilant Mobile LPR system, officers can experience immediate productivity gains and improved enforcement.


“I am amazed at the simplicity of the Vigilant Mobility Kit. With very little training or technical expertise, my officers were able to put it to use.”
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