Mobile LPR / ANPR


Mobile LPR

With an easy and intuitive user interface, Vigilant's Mobile LPR provides officers in the field with real-time field intelligence to improve their safety and enhance the efficiency of their patrol. The system provides a great deal of functionality with the user’s needs in mind, but with advanced capabilities not available anywhere else.

System Information

The System uses up to four (4) dual-lens LPR cameras, each with integrated Digital Signature Processors (DSP), and advanced imaging and recognition algorithms to provide the most advanced mobile LPR system available.


Unique Features such as the large buttons, visual system status indicators, scrolling plate history, and even a Day/Night mode to eliminate brightness in the vehicle during nighttime operations for officer safety. Mobile LPR from Vigilant is quite simply the most user-friendly interface available on the market.


Superior Performance is given with Vigilant’s Mobile LPR system. Plate recognition accuracy and plate reach accuracy is superior based on Vigilant’s talented team of engineers.



System Specifications

  • • Up to 4 dual-lens LPR cameras with Digital Signature Processors (DSP)
  • • Easy and intuitive interface
  • • Day/night interface for officer safety
  • • Car Detector Mobile (CDM) software loaded to laptop and updates are automatically pushed to the car

System Benefits

  • • Improved results and efficiency of patrol
  • • Enhanced officer safety by improved situational awareness
  • • Targeted intelligence gathering for crime scenes or investigations


“I have seen many mobile systems, and the Vigilant Mobile LPR system is easily the most intuitive system available. And, the level of detail that Vigilant puts into their product tells me that they understand my needs.”
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