Fixed LPR


Vigilant Solutions' Fixed LPR is the most versatile and cost-effective fixed license plate recognition (LPR) solution available today.

Managed from within LEARN, Vigilant's Fixed LPR provides an integrated fixed camera offering to law enforcement for strategic monitoring and intelligence gathering around a city, region or critical infrastructure location.

Vigilant's Fixed LPR also offers a published Application Programming Interface (API) allowing customization for almost any application (security, parking, access control) requiring fixed-location license plate recognition.

The System features a ruggedized and compact dual-lens (infrared and color) LPR camera engineered for extreme conditions.  The camera recognizes license plates in the camera’s field of view, matches against various agency hotlists as managed within LEARN, and notifies law enforcement of matches. The system can also stream live video to a separate location such as a video management system or DVR.


Unique Features such as the Target Alert Service allow for alerts from fixed camera vehicle sightings to be broadcast from LEARN to basically any computer or mobile device.  A published Application Programming Interface (API) allows for custom applications such as gate triggering and communications with external systems.



Superior Performance comes standard with Vigilant Solutions’ Fixed LPR system.  Plate recognition accuracy (the ability of the system to automatically trigger an image capture on the presence of the license plate) and plate read accuracy (the ability of the system to accurately interpret the characters) is superior based on Vigilant’s camera technology and recognition algorithms.



“Fixed license plate recognition offers us a set of eyes that we would not otherwise have. Standing guard over our City, Vigilant’s fixed cameras alert us to suspect vehicles coming into our City and allow us to take preventive action. For investigative use, the amount of data captured by our fixed cameras is phenomenal.”
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