Where does this private data come from?

The private data that is shared with Vigilant Solutions’ hosted solution comes from a number of sources.  The largest source of data is from Digital Recognition Network (DRN), a partner company to Vigilant.

An industry pioneer in vehicle asset location technology and services for the financial and insurance markets, DRN fuels a national network of more than 550 Affiliates employing Vigilant's mobile LPR to gather data for its clients. DRN shares this data over to Vigilant's law enforcement data center via a one-way communication (i.e. no information from the law enforcement data center ever goes back to DRN). Because this technology is used in every major metropolitan area in the United States, DRN captures data on around 100 million vehicles each month.  This data is shared to Vigilant's National Vehicle Location Service for use by law enforcement.

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